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Meet Ooma Smart Cam

Our super intelligent wireless security camera that helps you keep an eye on everything you prize.


A wireless security camera that’s as smart as it looks.

We’re proud to introduce the latest addition to the Ooma Smart Security family. Designed to protect your home both indoors and out, Ooma Smart Cam packs the latest in smart security technology into its small, elegant design.

Knows friend from foe.

Don’t just know someone’s home, know who’s home. Ooma Smart Cam’s Face Tag feature lets you customize your settings for family, friends, or even pets. Now you can reduce false alarms and get only the updates you need, when you need them. It’s that simple.

Pretty. Tough.

Ooma Smart Cam is 100% wireless and weatherproof, meaning you can place or mount it anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

Every Ooma Smart Cam comes with six months of rechargeable battery life, meaning your security will continue to work during internet and power outages.

Don’t miss a thing.

During emergencies, every second matters. When home security events are detected through noise or motion, Ooma Smart Cam uses motion detection to begin recording instantly and automatically.


Details are important, which is why every Ooma Smart Cam also comes with full 1080 HD video.

Ooma Smart Cam is coming soon!

Join the pre-order list. We will inform you when it is available.

Meet the family.

Ooma Smart Cam is part of the complete Ooma Smart Security system. Choose from a range of cameras and sensors, all designed to keep you aware of important things happening at home.

Buy Ooma Smart Cam.

Ooma Smart Cam

Includes security camera with 16GB of internal storage, a rechargeable battery, power cable, camera mount and quick start guide. It is 100% wire-free and weather proof, so it can easily be placed or mounted anywhere.

16 GB Storage

CDN$ 199.99
Ships in 2-3 days

Ooma Smart Cam 3 Pack

Includes 3 security cameras with 16GB of internal storage, 3 rechargeable batteries, 3 power cables, 3 camera mounts and a quick start guide. Each camera is 100% wire-free and weatherproof, so they can easily be placed or mounted anywhere.

16 GB Storage

CDN$ 549.99
Ships in 2-3 days

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