Head up your
household—your way, from miles away.

From a crystal-clear view of your living room to an individual water sensor for that troublesome basement, we have the security solutions to keep you in-the-know with your home.


Always know when they get home.

Kids. They’re great at texting friends, not so great at texting parents. With Ooma you’ll never have to nag. You’ll get real time alerts via text, email, or phone call when they’ve arrived home.

A real time status
on everything.

We all have those moments where we think, “Did I leave the garage door open?” Ooma lets you know. With a dashboard that shows real-time status on each camera, door, window, siren, and water sensor, you always know if things are safe and secure at home.

Take action
from anywhere.

We believe real peace of mind is being able to take action if anything goes awry at home. With our Remote 911 feature, you’ll be able to immediately call your local 911 and your home address will be automatically transmitted to emergency responders.

A daily timeline of what’s happening.

See all the comings and goings at home with the Ooma Smart Security activity log. You’ll know when the cleaners arrive, see if the dog actually did get walked, and be able to know exactly who’s hanging out at home, and when.

“Nursery room door has been opened.”

Voice alerts have got your back.

We can’t see or hear everything—especially when it comes to doing three things at once at home. The Ooma Telo base station and HD3 handset have your back with real-time voice alerts that announce when the playroom door opens or an upstairs window is cracked.

Personalized protection.

Every family is different, and so is every home. That’s why our security products are never one-size fits all, but a flexible group of products that let you choose what’s right for your family.


“The VoIP pioneer has moved into the home security space with an array of DIY sensors and a price that is designed to disrupt the competition.”

“Ooma successfully addresses home security cameras’ vulnerabilities—the risk of losing connection to power and the cloud—and their most griped about feature—inundation with alerts for mostly innocuous events. That, coupled with its smart looks and solid performance, should land it on anyone’s shopping list.”

“Ooma Home included in ‘The best DIY home security systems’ ”

“If you’re looking for a home security system you can set up yourself, it doesn’t get simpler than this.”

Simply install and connect.

Gone are the days of the security company having to setup your system. Ooma Smart Security is wireless and easy to install yourself. No tools required.

Don’t believe how easy it is to setup?

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