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Great Service
Mary on Jun 12, 2019
The service is great, hook up is quick and not complicated at all. The quality is very good and to portal my own number was very quick and easy. The price is right and I have not had any problem. Very pleased with the product and service.

Matthew on Jun 12, 2019
Only had Ooma for two months and have had no problems, so I’m pretty happy with the service right now, we’ll see how it works in the future.

Greta Button on Jun 12, 2019
Loving it.....easy set up...ported my old number in 9 days....using existing cordless phones....awesome customer service....savings are phenomenol...,ty guys so much.....telling all my friends to go ooma.....yessss

So far so good
Yannick Gagnon on Jun 12, 2019
I am very pleased with my Ooma system. The sound quality is excellent and I really love the app on my cell phone. I can get a notice when someone live a voice message and I can listen to it where ever I am. My first concern was with my alarm system for my house, I was affraid that it would not work, but with a few settings changed my system was up and running with the central. Nothing to say against my Ooma system so far. I recommend to anybody who is tired of paying to much.

Using it now for 1 month and I love it.
Johanne Seguin on Jun 10, 2019
I have been using Ooma now for about 1 month and I really like it ...No more long distances for me.Low monthly fees... I have choosen the Premier service and I can have it ring on my cell phone when I'm away from home and if I can't answer it will go!t to voice mail. When a call goes to voice mail I will automaticly get an email with voice mesasse attached... Really cool. I still have some options that I need info on but otherwise great service! Thx Ooma

Quality product
Y Akapitos on Jun 10, 2019
I like mostly the voice quality of the product. Lower monthly fees with best quality product. In the feature I want to upgrade the OOMA TELO in order to use it with Other OOMA products.

ABDUR RAHMAN on May 24, 2019

Stathis Petridis Apr. 28 2019
Stathis Petridis on May 03, 2019
1. Six weeks have passed and I do not know yet if I will be able to keep my current phone number. 2. I can not call my family in the United States. 3. Do I have to call my previous phone company to stop being billed? I would like to hear from you as soon as possible. Thank you

Not ready to cut the land line yet
Jacques Sauvageau on May 03, 2019
It has been very easy to order and setup my Telo once it arrived, about a week later. However, even if I have a very fast and otherwise reliable Internet connection, I'm hearing some clicks and "frying" noises pretty much every time I'm making or receiving calls and I often have the impression that the people I'm talking to do not hear everything I'm saying as they often ask me to repeat what I just said. Although not as loud, those noises remind me of those made during the initial hand shake of a fax transmission (yes, I'm that old :)). For this reason, I'm not ready to definitely cut the land line: it's unfortunate as I was hoping that the Telo would relieve me of this otherwise unnecessary monthly cost. Thank you.

Barbarra Hermann on Apr 25, 2019
totally blown away by the service.. and the cost is wonderful...

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