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Through Costco delivery good.
SUDHA MEHTA on Oct 15, 2019
We bought Ooma Telo Air 2 from Costco mail order system. The box and the manual received says 'Telo air' only. It is wifi compatible. However, I gathered that Telo air 2 was blue tooth compatible. There is no mention of it in the book or the box. Is there a misunderstnading on my part? I would appreciate a clarification. Thanks.

Still learning how to use Ooma
Dee Shoshanah on Oct 15, 2019
Like to see a QA on ur site we can ask questions & recieve a response. I want to know since my cell is paired with Ooma , can I make & recieve calls on my cell & cancel my cell service,& just use my Ooma number away from home

Got rid of the cable company phone
Sharon D on Oct 15, 2019
I got tired of the cable company raising the price and the wanted to raise it again and that when I said no more. Glad we have this in the house. Same number better price!!

Would recommend
Elena on Oct 14, 2019
Disappointed Verizon would not let me keep DSL internet without landline. I had to cancel ooma because it works on internet. Yes would recommend

Bang for your buck
Gregory Auguste on Oct 14, 2019
When I told my previous VOIP phone service I was cancelling because I was going to use Ooma, they didn't even try to offer me any incentive to stay with them. Obviously they knew they couldn't compare to the quality of service and features offered by Ooma. Since I've had Ooma there have been no problems whatsoever. If there was anything that needed improvement it would be the layout of the smartphone app, but even as it is, one can navigate it.

Good Service
Rick on Oct 14, 2019
Very good customer service. Contacted them (via chat) for help setting up and later for guidance using a feature. The feature was Forwarding calls to my cell phone which I initially set up with "press '1' to verify answering." When I decided to eliminate the requirement to press "1," I found it very difficult to find the procedure. Turns out it involves finding a tiny Ooma-symbol on the setup page and selecting it to choose the desired option. Directions on the website were not clear.

Saad Pola on Oct 10, 2019
Overall, the device is excellent, I like. I would recommend it if any one asked me about.

Terry Karns on Oct 10, 2019
Service works very well and we have not had any issues. i wish the base service would integrate with services like Nomorobo instead of it being a premium option. Only issue is that it’s been awhile since we signed up (back in January 2019) and the number still doesn’t seem to display the correct identity when we call out. Other then those 2 things, it is great!

Best Phone Decision
Brad on Oct 10, 2019
About 4yrs ago I had enough of constantly arguing w/ the Phone Company for years, every month bill was higher. Did some research online, settled on Ooma Telo since it seemed simple, had quality support and was a solid piece of equipment, not just a cheap usb stick w/ mediocre customer service reviews. For that $80 one time investment, outside of regulatory fees etc. that everyone with a landline in the US pays every month (mine are about $5), you get absolutely free calls throughout the US & Canada. High quality HD sound. Now, when you first receive the base and set it up, you may have a few hours of hit-and-miss quality, but that's to be expected and happens to everyone. However after it has been on and gets used a few times, basically having to 'settle in' if that makes sense, the only differences you'll notice between the Ooma Telo and the other Phone Company are the better quality with what you now have, and your next bill! Since I've purchased it I have saved around $1400 over 4yrs. Get this.

just wish they offered some of the free stuff to existing customers
james carlton on Oct 10, 2019
like it quite well. clear and crisp. only thing that bothers me and like other vendors is that they offer all this free stuff to get them but offer nothing to existing customers