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Man sitting in chair with his VoIP home phone service nearby.

Free residential phone service.

  • Phone service – $0.00/mo*
  • Ooma Telo White –
    CDN$ 129.99CDN$ 99.99

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*You only pay monthly taxes and fees. Check here.

Homephone service powered by a Telo.

Two ways to connect.

No matter your home setup, Ooma Telo or Ooma Telo Air make it simple to get clear residential phone service.

Listen for yourself.

Hear what passes as voice quality for our competitor vs. what Ooma Pure Voice HD Technology sounds like.

The Telo phone service for home.

Get all the bells and whistles.

Upgrade to Ooma Premier and enjoy an additional suite of advanced home phone features, including smart home integration, call blocking and mobile phone options. All of this and more is available for just $9.99 + taxes and fees.


Telo phone service mobile app.

Take your home phone on-the-go.

With Ooma, you can use your home phone from anywhere. Enjoy free outbound calling, see who has called, and access your voicemail all through the Ooma app.

Download the home VoIP app in the Apple store.
Get the Ooma internet home phone service app on Google Play.
A variety of products and features with Ooma home phone.

A phone that protects your home.

Ooma home phone service can be expanded into a complete smart security system. Receive alerts if anything is amiss at home, with the option to call your local 911, from anywhere.

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Caller Blacklisting video.
Home VoIP Phone Service video commercial.
Smart Home Security with Geofencing.
Ooma Telo White.

Ooma Telo White

Get crystal-clear nationwide calling for free. All you pay are applicable taxes and fees.
Phone service – $0.00/mo*
Ooma Telo –
CDN$ 129.99CDN$ 99.99


*Pay monthly taxes and fees. Check here.

Telo-Air home phone.

Ooma Telo™ Air

Go wireless with Ooma Telo Air. This model has all the features of Ooma Telo but connects through your WiFi, so you can display it anywhere within range without wires getting in the way.
Phone service – $0.00/mo*
Ooma Telo Air –
CDN$ 159.99


*Pay monthly taxes and fees. Check here.

Communications that count.

Learn how to get the most out of your Ooma products and new offerings.

Home internet phone system with base station and handheld.

Ooma Telo is the best choice for your home.

Learn why Ooma Telo is the best suited phone service for your home.


Set up Robocall Blocking with Ooma Premier.

Set up Robocall Blocking with Ooma Premier.

Have you heard that Ooma’s advanced phone service includes robocall blocking? It’s true! Ooma Premier users get free tools to help block robocalls […]

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Cell Phone Cost Comparison Timeline

Cell Phone Cost Comparison Timeline

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