Deter intruders with the Ooma Siren.

Nothing says “get out” like a screaming 105 decibel siren. Just plug our siren into a wall socket near your entry points, and burglars will know instantly that you (and likely your neighbors) are aware of their presence.


Key Details

  • Equipped with a loud 105-decibel siren.
  • Warning “chirps” will sound while alarm is still in grace period, and when the siren is switching modes.
  • Will silence automatically after a time period that you control in your settings.
  • Plugs into any wall socket and connects wirelessly to your Telo Base Station.

Alarm Siren FAQs

What comes in the Ooma Siren package?
How do I set up the Ooma Siren?
Can I install the Ooma Siren outdoors?
What do the lights on the Siren mean?
What do the sounds the Ooma Siren is making mean?
How do I sound the Ooma Siren alarm?
How can I silence the Siren’s alarm?
What options can I enable with the Ooma Siren?
My Ooma Siren is disconnected. What should I do?


Home wireless alarm monitoring, how it works.

Ooma Home Security Alarm: Comprehensive Home Protection without the Hassle

Watch this video to learn more about how Ooma Home Security helps you safeguard your home from water damage, intruders, and more.

Home security alarm siren setup.

No Contract. DIY Setup. First-Class Home Protection

A DIY Home Security Setup is easier than you think. Watch this video to learn how to pair sensors using the Ooma Mobile App.

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Upgrade to a smart business phone for only CDN$ 24.95 per user/mo.