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Great service 1835
Dave Ingram on Oct 23, 2018
Set up and activation were a breeze. Using Ooma with existing phone hardware works well. Still trying to customize the app.

Amazingly easy set-up, Great Price, All the right features, Works as well as a land line! 1834
Michael on Oct 23, 2018
Have been a land-line customer for 30 years. Most of my phone use has shifted to my mobile phone however I wanted to maintain my home phone number. My local telephone company was playing games with their monthly rates and it finally pushed me over the edge. I did my research and felt that Ooma was the best solution. It has a higher upfront cost than other options but much better features and more attractive ongoing cost/options. I opted to pay for the Premium package for the first year. Even with the upfront investment in the hardware and the Premium upgrade, I am paying a fraction of the cost my local phone company was charging. Porting my existing number took a few days but was a very easy process. Set-up was amazingly easy - the instructions were excellent and I had it up and running in a matter of minutes. I love the ease and multiple options for retrieving voicemails.

Don’t Put It Off 1830
John L on Oct 22, 2018
I thought of going to Ooma years ago, but put it off, procrastination was not my friend. Was paying $45/month for less services than I now have. Love it and should have changed sooner.

Ooma telo modem 1827
Iwona on Oct 21, 2018
The modem is super easy to install, has all of the features one needs in a phone and is very easy to operate. Once installed the phone service is generally very reliable. I've had no problems with local calling though , my long distance calls on occasion were of such poor quality I had to hang up. Overall well worth switching from your greedy telco!

Senior citizen 1823
Theresa Noddle on Oct 21, 2018
So happy with this product. I am on a fixed income and this gives me the freedom to talk to all my family members

Good service 1812
Victoria on Oct 19, 2018
The service is good and I am enjoying the savings.

Very happy with product 1784
Marie on Oct 18, 2018
Was skeptical at first but very glad I decided to try Ooma. Loving the call clarity, features and most of all, low monthly cost!

Excellent In Every Way 1778
Bonnie on Oct 18, 2018
We are very pleased with our OOMA service. We've had no problems whatsoever and setting it up was as easy as 1-2-3. And, like everyone else, we're very happy with the savings switching from our cable phone service to OOMA. I would highly recommend OOMA to anyone wanting great phone service for a fraction of the cost from any other provider.

I Am Truly Thankful For Ooma. 1730
Carol Witherspoon on Oct 14, 2018
How Long Have Ooma Been In Existence? I Could Kick Myself For Not Getting It Sooner! I Am A Disabled Senior And I Was Paying $52.00 Per Month For A Phone Service W/O Long Distance. Now I Have Much More And Only Paying Taxes and Fees! Unbelievable. Please Choose Ooma For Your Landline Service! I Promise You Will Never Regret It.

Très bon achat 1729
Mario Lefebvre on Oct 14, 2018
Très bon achat


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