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Stephane Angers on Dec 10, 2018
I’ve been using Ooma for 2 months now and it is just perfect! Sounds good and easy to use!!

They fixed a long standing problem that my previous provider (Cogeco) ignored
Monique Charlebois on Dec 05, 2018
Installation was easy and I love the premium service option of receiving voice messages on my cell phone. In addition to saving a lot of money (about $60)each month, I had hoped that the change in provider would eliminate a year long problem: callers on the Bell network could not get through to my home line. They would get a recording stating that my number was not accepting incoming calls. But I could call them just fine. Cogeco had not been able to (or did they even try?) to resolve it, after many calls to their tech department. Of course, they blamed Bell. Ooma was a delight: my problem was escalated almost immediately, and resolved within two days. They had to escalate to their line provider and advise Bell to change the routing path. Finally! Someone who took it seriously. Their follow up was great and the tech advisers were lovely. Thank you, Ooma!

Excellent product. Priced reasonably for features provided
Michael Waterstrat on Dec 05, 2018
We purchased our Ooma Telo to replace a fixed land line. We have always needed a long distance plan that allowed for U.S. calling due to having family there. With the Ooma Premier plan, we have been able to replace the land line solution at a savings of over $70/month. The ability to use the Ooma app on our mobile devices while away from home is also a very useful feature. Product quality seems good. Setup was reasonably straight-forward (although I am technically inclined). Porting our existing number to Ooma took a bit of time, but worked smoothly and as described. Voice quality is good, with the Ooma device installed between our home router and the incoming internet service as recommended. I would recommend this product.

No Ma Bell!
Nina Pesner on Dec 03, 2018
I’ve been using Ooma for my phone service for over ten years now. Instead of paying Bell $40.00 plus a month, I’m paying $5.00 a month. And phone calls to anyone in Canada are free. My foreign calling account gets automatically topped up $10.00 when needed. Very reasonable charges. Any problems I ring Ooma and service is excellent.

Favorable review
Julian Sampang on Dec 02, 2018
Very good service

Works great!
Stephanie Tham on Nov 30, 2018
Installation is easy and troublefree. Very impressed with the clarity of the sound.

New phone setup
George Adair on Nov 30, 2018
I have been watching and trying out our new VOIP system from OOMA since we got it set up. We are still waiting for the porting to our existing number to be completed and that is the only thing that is holding us back. We are able to use our existing phone which makes this a very economical switch over. As to the porting process it would be nice to give a bit more information as to exactly how long it really will take. We look forward to saving close to $700 per year by doing this and being able to keep our phone number we have had for forty years. We are using the standard package now but once we are more comfortable with it we might do the rest of the upgrades.

Great voice and features
David Phan on Nov 28, 2018
Voice is very clear, many features and the price is good.

Great. No complains
My friend introduced me to Ooma. I bought the Ooma Telo unit at I was a Bell customer for almost 30 years. Now I am on a fixed income so Ooma was an affordable option. I had this over a month and love it. Works great, good sound quality so far. I started off with "Premiere" so far no regrets. Clear voice on calls, and am telling my friends and relatives about it. So far nothing to complain except the Prime rate does not include the basic fee which is charged over the prime rate every month.

Almost a perfect 5 out of 5.
Patrick Page on Nov 25, 2018
I mean considering the technology and the competitors in the field of voice over IP, this device stands above them all like a champ. You will not find a better deal for the quality of the device. Every once in a while there will be a glitch on the line, but rarely does it last long and ever rarer does it affect the conversation you are having. I bought this because at the moment I found a job in my field of study away from my home in Manitoba. I was so pleased with the call quality that I have already bought a second one for the house in Manitoba. There was a problem registering a phone number in my area though. And the area they said the number I did register is for, it's actually not according to these websites I found that track area codes and telephone nodes. (So my 4 on features is actually a 4.5 but I can't do 0.5)


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