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Working great and as expected 1499
Ravi Kiran on Aug 12, 2018
In my household all have their own mobile phones and I was looking for a landline number. This is perfect solution for this. I got it just two months back but my experience so far is great. I am happy with the project and so far no issue. Clear sound and no call drop. I will definitely recommend this project to others

Simple, easy and saves money!!!! 1486
Rod Ali on Aug 09, 2018
I was on the fence for years about removing my home service and moving to Ooma Telo. I finally took the leap as i moved from one city to another. it was extremely simple. any now for $5 a month i'm getting more services than i got with my previous home phone service. I love the fact that i get the calls to my personal cell. get solution. I'm now looking at the home security solution as well.

Called for free with app 1456
Drew on Jun 14, 2018
The few times I had to make calls while in Mexico I used the ooma app and it cost me a big fat $0

Affordable and reliable 1455
Jason W. on Jun 12, 2018
Function function function! Ooma simply works and saves me money. The reliability and features are top notch and never a doubt it will be there when I need it.

Great savings 1454
Tim P. on Jun 08, 2018
The thing I love best about my Ooma is the money savings. After switching, saving $40 a month. I was a little hesitant about voice quality but after installing it there is no complaints or worries at all! Wish I had done it sooner.

Glad we got Ooma 1453
Sandra on Jun 08, 2018
When we decided to reduce our monthly expenses, we wanted to cancel our existing phone service. Our problem was we still needed a landline. My husband has a defibrillator implant and the transmitter needs to send information once a day over a telephone line. I spent hours over a two-week period researching different services. None of them would save us any money. Then I found Ooma. It sounded too good to be true and I was skeptical. Finally, I decided to give it a try. So glad I did! The service works great and costs us less than 5 dollars a month in taxes. Wish I had found Ooma a long time ago!

Better than advertised 1452
Heather on Jun 07, 2018
I love my Ooma for one big reason; it works better than advertised! I don't know how many tech products we have used in our house over the years but it is a LOT. Ooma is the only one that has under promised and over delivered. We save a ton every year using it and everyone we call thinks we are on a land line. We have no down time with it (that's Ooma's fault) and we keep getting new features added to it! That is added value for sure. We just picked up a replacement and a set of home security sensors and a replacement hand set and are blown away by the quality. Is it wrong that I have the hand set show a zombie picture when my mother-in-law calls? The only thing left to do is pick up a water sensor for the basement and we'll feel very secure.

Long distance call 1451
Philip on Jun 06, 2018
I have only used this option once so far... I got to save the long-distance charges to call my father when he was ill, to wish him well. I know it isn't much of an experience, however, it meant the world to both him and I

Good product 1450
Jeff on Jun 06, 2018
First, I am saving $55/month right now. The voice clarity for both live calls and recorded voicemail messages is crystal clear. And the features are more extensive, more intuitive and just work better than our previous providers.


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