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Customer reviews of
Ooma Office.

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Ooma reviews from customers:

Top 3 benefits
Daniel on Jan 27, 2020
The top 3 benefits of Ooma Office is the savings, having no contracts, and the virtual receptionist.

Lizabeth on Jan 27, 2020
We love Ooma Office for the savings, virtual receptionist, and the easy set-up.

Quick and easy
Tim on Jan 27, 2020
I found the setup and installation of my Ooma Office to be quick and easy. Ooma Office has saved us $480 a year compared to our previous plan.

Easy and painless
Tom on Jan 24, 2020
Easy and painless. We were up and running within 15 minutes after which we had to do some setups for call direction.

Ray on Jan 23, 2020
Installation went very good. I was very happy to change over, and the service I get is outstanding.

Great office set up for a start up firm
Paul G on Jan 23, 2020
Very simple setup. Base station easily integrates with fax and wireless office phone. Great office set up for a start up firm.

Totally new experience
Sandi Milmed on Jan 22, 2020
So I moved into a new office this month, after 6 months of having no receptionist at all (my "executive suites" decided they weren't going to hire a new one after my old one quit after 8+ years). During the transition period of having ordered the phone/service, and not being in the new physical office, I had to get used to using the app, and there were certainly some learning curves. I was able to make calls, but I don't think calls were coming in. Now that I am in the office, I think I have things straightened out. Still trying to get used to the "virtual receptionist" part, and how clients and potential clients are going to react to that. It's better than my having to answer the phones myself. The system was simple-enough to set up once I was in the office, and making calls is a no-brainer. So far, I seem to like it.

A nice change for the better
Ted Kauffmann on Jan 22, 2020
Was a little disappointed that we couldn't keep our existing extension numbers, and had a few other bumps in the road, but Ooma tech support has been great. The system fits our needs and has been working well.

Best Phone System EVER!
Denise Kulak on Jan 22, 2020
Took 3 companies (Unitel, Vonage, and Xfinity), 5 phone numbers, and 2 sets of phones on every desk...and made this the easiest transition to 1 phone company, 1 phone on every desk...with seamless cell phone numbers for each employee...conference capabilities...and more...

Great quality, Love the service
Austin Davis on Jan 22, 2020
The call quality if great. I really love that if someone calls in both my office phones ring and my mobile phone rings. I had to take a phone number which was not local (not a huge deal in today's world of mobile phones) but other than that I love the service!

Choose from these bundles or use our
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Yealink T21P
Pack of Two

Yealink  T21P
Comes with:
Yealink T21 IP Phone (2)

Business Phone
Starter Pack

Business Phone Starter Pack
CDN$ 149.97
Comes with:
  • Ooma Office Base Station (1)
  • Wireless extensions (2)
  • *Compatible with existing analog phones

Front Desk
Starter Kit

Front Desk Starter Kit
CDN$ 379.97
Comes with:
  • Yealink T27G Receptionist Phone (1)
  • Yealink T21P IP Phone (2)