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Gain more control with the Ooma Home Security App.

Take Ooma wherever you go. Whether you’re around the corner or vacationing overseas, the Ooma Home Security App will always let you know the security status of your home.

Check out these great app features:

  • Use Remote 911 to call emergency responders from anywhere as if you were home.
  • Get instant alerts via push notification, phone call, text, or email.
  • Switch modes automatically using your GPS location, or by time of day and day of week.
  • Go between “Home,” “Away,” “Night” and “Vacation” modes.
  • Give app access and send notifications to up to 10 users in your home.
  • App Setup App FAQs
“Knowing I can call 911 from anywhere and they will automatically know my home address gives me peace of mind.”

– Matt B.

Shop and add sensors as you need them.

Door and Window Sensor

Get alerts if your door or window opens unexpectedly or is left ajar.

CDN$ 24.99

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Motion Sensor

Get alerts when there is unexpected motion sensed in your home.

CDN$ 34.99

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Water Sensor

Detect damaged pipes, leaky roofs, water heater problems, and more.

CDN$ 29.99

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Ooma Butterfleye Camera

Get alerts when a face that isn’t recognized approaches your home. View live or saved video from your smartphone.

USD$ 199.99


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Upgrade to a smart business phone for only CDN$ 24.95 per user/mo.

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