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Inbound call traffic Inbound call traffic

Inbound Call Traffic

Our architecture ensures traffic comes directly to the nearest POP from the local carrier. There are several key benefits tied to this:

Guaranteed Call Quality

Our multiple POPs ensure you always get the best-sounding calls no matter from where your call is coming.

Points of Presence (POPs)

Our distributed POPs are located in multiple countries. POPs improve call quality worldwide because they limit the distance that calls have to travel.

Phone Numbers

Inbound numbers are assigned no matter where you are in the world. You can be in your office in L.A. and service customers on the other side of the world, all while appearing local.

Toll-Free Numbers

Because we have a global presence, users can access toll-free numbers in more than 150 countries. This means that your clients in Tokyo can call your office toll-free, making communication more convenient for your customers globally.

Inbound call traffic Inbound call traffic

Outbound Call Traffic

Our platform automatically determines the optimal path in milliseconds and delivers the call along the path of least resistance – that could be in relation to cost, distance, reliable routing, or a combination of all three.

Geo-Specific POPs

Points of Presence around the world ensure that calls leave our network as close to its intended destination as possible, which reduces cost and improves voice quality.

Carrier Redundancy

Offering multiple carrier options for call delivery lets calls get where they need to go. If an issue occurs with one call, we seamlessly and invisibly route the call to another.

Conference Calls

Multiple POPs also ensure that users’ conference calls are clear whenever you are calling any global location.

Practicality Through Innovation

We can design a custom routing plan for a company’s specific needs, whether it’s routing preference, lowering phone service costs or ensuring clearer business calls.

Inbound call traffic Inbound call traffic

Contact Center Platform

The Ooma Enterprise Contact Center Platform, powered by Talkdesk, empowers companies to continuously improve customers’ experiences.

Powered by

Powerfully Simple

The platform helps you be more productive, as it’s easy to implement and use. Setup takes days or weeks, and a modern UI means new users are up and running quickly.

Seamlessly Connected

Deliver personalized customer experiences by using over 50 integrations, including Salesforce and ServiceNow. You can also access open APIs that enable integration across your entire ecosystem.

Endlessly Adaptable

Satisfy rapidly-changing customer expectations with a nimble platform. Quickly design IVRs, configure routing flows, add agents and provision numbers with clicks, not code.

Deploy Globally

Ooma Enterprise is global, reliable, scalable and secure. The microservice’s API-driven architecture gives you flexibility to serve your customers anywhere, on any device and through any channel.

Ooma Enterprise Features List

Cloud PBX:

  • Hosted PBX service
  • Auto-virtual receptionist
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Role-based controls
  • Call reports
  • Music on-hold
  • Extension dialing
  • Dial by name
  • Call monitoring
  • Single sign-on
  • Hot desking

Call Management:

  • Role-based rules
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Call flip
  • Call park
  • Shared lines
  • Intercom
  • Call logs
  • Alerts
  • Video conferencing
  • Mobile apps
  • Internet fax


  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Custom


  • Desk phones
  • Cordless phones
  • Conference phones
  • Headsets
  • Adapters

Managing Equipment

Almost the entire process of onboarding and equipment management is done remotely, and when needed, our engineers will come onsite. Here are a few features Ooma Enterprise offers:

Dual Wan

Users can connect multiple uplinks to provide instantaneous failover to keep your company online.

Security and Quality

Our network is protected with traffic shaping and firewalling. Not only does this safeguard the network, but it also ensures that traffic is prioritized.

Metrics Collection

We collect real-time analytics data to help you predict and troubleshoot potential issues down the road.

LTE Backup

In a pinch, we can also deploy mobile network connectivity for failover, even during a power outage.


Customers can save a lot of time with this feature, as we use “one-touch” provisioning of your onsite device.


Ooma Enterprise comes with automatic updates and configuration management service so that you are always up-to-date and running smoothly.

CRM Integrations CRM Integrations

CRM Integrations

More and more companies are leaning on CRMs like Salesforce to help connect the dots between deployments and agents. We make integrations seamless with:

Screen Pops: Know which customer is calling you when they dial.

Click-to-Dial: Complete more calls in less time.

Call Logging: Get a detailed and accurate view of customer calls.

Call and Screen Transfer: Minimize call handle time between agents.

Instant Messaging Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Improve collaboration, enhance productivity and provide immediate communication across your entire enterprise.

API: A full RESTful API means users can complete an action without leaving the messaging app.

Directory/Dept. Create pre-shared groups within your organization (sales, support, ops, branch operations, etc.)

Encryption Full end-to-end encryption for all calls, including audio and video streams.

Native Client: Support for Mac, Windows, and Linux gives users more flexibility.

Presence: See when other users are on a call, in a meeting, out of the office, on vacation, etc.

Integrations: With Slack, HipChat, and others.

Web Client: Works with any HTML5-supported browser.

Video Support: Between contacts and across platforms.

Mobile Client: Includes support for iOS and Android.

History: Archive the entirety of your message history.

Desk Phones

Last, but certainly not least, we offer a pre-certified selection of desk phones. Our recommended devices are tested extensively for functionality, compatibility, call quality, and durability. From a limited feature “common area” phone to a feature rich model for the most demanding user, Ooma Enterprise has a model to fit your needs.


Designed for the enterprise user, this fully-featured desktop phone offers flexibility and reliability for those with heavy phone and network requirements. Includes support for up to 24 lines when connected to an expansion module, a large 3.5” color backlit LCD display, 6 programmable keys, and 4 programmable context sensitive keys.


Designed for the power user with heavy demands, this SIP phone is a robust device with maximum functionality. Includes a large 4.3” 480×272 pixel color backlit LCD display, 12 programmable soft keys, 5 programmable context sensitive keys, and support for up to 24 lines.


The power of touchscreen technology meets flagship functionality in this top-of-the-line SIP phone. Includes a large 7-inch touchscreen color display: 800×480 pixel LCD, touchscreen keyboard with choice of expansion modules, crystal-clear HD audio, and up to 24 lines with two dedicated LED line keys.

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