Free yourself from cable clutter

Risk-free 30-day return.

Just plug in your Ooma Wireless Adapter and you can unplug your Ooma Telo. The Wireless Adapter plugs into the USB port on your Ooma Telo so you can place it anywhere in range of your wireless network--like your kitchen, den, bedroom or wherever. You can even install Ooma in dorm rooms, apartments, and other locations without a wired Internet connection. And, when you travel, take Ooma along to call for free, wherever you can access Wi-Fi.

Easy setup has you talking wirelessly in minutes.

  1. Plug the Wireless adapter into the USB port on your Ooma Telo.
  2. Use your Ethernet cable to connect a computer to the Home Network port of the Ooma Telo.
  3. Configure wireless settings by navigating to and clicking on the wireless tab.


(Note: You'll need to know the name and password of your wireless network.)