Ooma Expands Retail Presence at Brandsmart, CompUSA, Meijer, Nebraska Furniture Mart, OfficeDepot.com and Target.com

Ooma adds more than 200 new stores; more than 4,500 retail locations sell ooma

Palo Alto, CA - Monday, July 27th, 2009

Ooma, Inc. today announced that its award-winning ooma system is available at Brandsmart, CompUSA, Meijer, and Nebraska Furniture Mart. Brandsmart is the South’s leading discount retailer of consumer appliances and electronics. CompUSA is a division of Systemax, Inc. and has 25 store locations throughout the U.S. Meijer is a Michigan-based retailer that operates 189 supercenters throughout five Midwestern states. Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM) is a comprehensive home furnishings and consumer electronics store also located in the Midwest. Additionally, online shoppers can now purchase an ooma system at OfficeDepot.com and Target.com.

“Consumers are showing considerable interest in the ooma system because of its ease of use, excellent call quality and considerable cost savings,” said Aaron Duran, Vice President of Sales at ooma. “During the last six months, ooma has rapidly expanded its presence across the United States, continually adding to its retail and online distributions. We are committed to growing even further by offering a home phone solution that completely eliminates consumers’ monthly phone bills.”

“We are very pleased to offer our customers the ooma system,” said Frank Guglielmi, Director of Public Relations for Meijer. “Meijer customers continue to look at our electronics department as a destination for quality technology at very competitive prices. In these challenging economic times, the ooma system provides a great opportunity for customers looking for new ways to save money.”

An ooma system consists of the ooma Hub™ connected to a broadband connection and an existing home phone. The ooma Scout™ device extends the benefits of the ooma system to additional phone jacks in the home. The ooma system is a $249.99 hardware bundle that includes an ooma Hub and ooma Scout. ooma Premier™ is an optional level of service offering multiple advanced telephony features for the ooma system and costs $12.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

To see how consumers can save with ooma, visit the comparison page: http://bit.ly/gHegu

To learn more about how ooma works, watch this demo: http://bit.ly/5SikW

About Ooma

Founded in 2004, ooma offers a consumer electronics device that provides free, U.S. telephone calling and advanced telephony services to its global base of customers. ooma delivers exceptional call quality and the reliability of traditional phone service at a fraction of the cost, in a sleek and innovative design. ooma is available at thousands of leading retailers and online destinations. For more information, go to www.ooma.com or blog.ooma.com.

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